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 MGB/GuitarMusicShop music event presentation (Phantom Self Sepultura)!
16/10/2016  JAM with Tim Ripper Owens (Burn in Hell - Judas Priest)!
15, 16 e 17/08/2016
 Workshow - "Rhythms, beats and drums in the history of humanity"
27/06/2016  1º Workshop At GuitarMusicShop (Metrópolis Pt.1 - DT - Cover)
26/06/2016  Mentioned on Whiplash.net !
06/05/2016  Angels and Demons cover (Angra) at Drum Talk TV!
02/05/2016  Angels and Demons cover (Angra) at whiplash.net!
26/04/2016  Slipknot covers at whiplash.net!
28/03/2016  Article on Monte Alto Agora (Brazil)!
25/03/2016  Winner of the #rootsnosesc contest of Sepultura band!
14/03/2016  Burn (Pull Me Under - DT - Cover) at Wiplash.net!
01/01/2016  Nightmare Cover (Avenged Sevenfold) at whiplash.net!
16/11/2015  Article on Rock n’Heavy.com (Portugal)
16/11/2015  Master of Puppets Cover and Aces High at whiplash.net!
17/10/2015  Pull me Under Cover (Dream Theater) at whiplash.net!
27/09/2015  Final Journey (Accept) at Whiplash.net!
23/09/2015  Mentioned on Heavymetalonline.com.br WebTV
28/08/2015  Interviewed by Heavymetalonline.com.br!
18/08/2015  Painkiller Cover (Judas Priest) at whiplash.net!
11/08/2015  Painkiller Cover (Judas Priest) at batera.com.br!

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